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How Medical Protection goes #aboveandbeyond state-backed indemnity

As a member you will have received information by post detailing updates to your membership in preparation for the introduction of state-backed indemnity. The state-backed scheme won’t protect you in all circumstances. This means Medical Protection membership will remain vital if you ever face a criminal investigation, a coroner’s inquest, regulatory issues, a complaint to the ombudsman from a patient, or a clinical negligence claim arising from private or fee-paying work.

To ensure you have the most comprehensive and complete protection for your career and reputation, we are making two significant improvements to your membership to reflect these changes:

  1. Professional Protection will replace your current membership. It will offer you the right to request protection in the circumstances mentioned above which are not covered by the state-backed scheme.
  2. Claims Protection is needed if you carry out any private or fee-paying work.

Higher risk activities

With Professional Protection, if you carry out any higher risk activities as part of your primary care contract (such as fitting contraceptive implants, cosmetic/aesthetic medicine, or out of hours sessions), you need to provide us with details of this work before 30 April.

When applying for Claims Protection, you will also need to tell us if you carry out any higher risk activities as part of the fee-paying or private work you do.

Professional Protection benefits at a glance

State-backed indemnityProfessional Protection benefits
The right to request
Support in GMC investigations and representation at hearings×
Help in disciplinary proceedings, eg ombudsmen investigations, performers’ list actions×
Assistance with criminal investigations arising from your clinical practice×
Representation and assistance in coroner inquests×
Help responding to patient complaints×
Medicolegal advice line, available 24/7 in an emergency×
Support for managing unwanted media attention×
Protection for Good Samaritan acts worldwide×
Free CPD courses and online learning to help prevent issues arising×

Claims Protection for fee-paying and private work

If you do any fee-paying or private work you will need to add Claims Protection to request assistance for clinical negligence claims arising from this work.

With Claims Protection you will have access to a team of experts including a dedicated:

+ Medicolegal consultant
+ Claims manager
+ Professional support team
+ Specialist solicitor

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What you need to do before 30 April to ensure you are fully protected

1. Check your details on MyMPS for your new Professional Protection membership. Your details are shown in your online account.

+ Login here and check that these are all correct

+ Declare all higher risk activity (click here for descriptions) and make any changes to your details online

+ If you can’t access your account online, you can call us on 0800 952 0441

2. Check your revised subscription

+ In most circumstances, your Professional Protection subscription will be significantly lower than your existing membership, meaning you may be due a refund

+ If there is still a balance to be paid, this will be confirmed at this stage together with details of how this can be paid

+ If you pay by Direct Debit you will be presented with a new Direct Debit schedule

3. Add Claims Protection

+ If you carry out any private or fee-paying work (click here for descriptions), you will be given the opportunity to add Claims Protection to your membership

+ Your Claims Protection subscription will be confirmed and you will have the choice of paying it in full or by Direct Debit

Please note the following:

+ Updated membership information is being sent to you by post during March including a revised certificate and payment details

+ Your renewal date remains the same and we’ll send renewal documents out as normal


Read more about Professional Protection and Claims Protection

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