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Important information for primary care members practising in England and Wales

The clinical negligence scheme for general practice was introduced on 1 April 2019. This means that, depending when the incident you need advice on occurred, you will need to contact either us or NHS Resolution.

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Contacting a medicolegal consultant

Our medicolegal advice service is open to members with urgent queries and medicolegal emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you encounter such an emergency please call 0800 561 9090 or email

Alternatively, you can use our contact form to submit your query securely online. One of our expert medical advisory team will respond as soon as possible.

In the interests of patient confidentiality, please do not include information in an email that would allow a patient to be identified.

Read our contact guidelines to help speed up your enquiry. 

To view our medicolegal advice related FAQ click here.

Medical Protection believe in always giving you the best advice. To help us do this we may monitor and record our calls for training and quality purposes. Please remember to protect your patient’s privacy by not revealing their identity during the call or in email correspondence unless we specifically ask.

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Browse our medicolegal factsheets

Factsheets provide only a general overview of the topic and should not be relied upon as definitive guidance. 

If you are a Medical Protection member and you are facing an ethical or legal dilemma, contact an adviser.

Medical Protection offers press support for members

If you find yourself in the media spotlight please get in touch and we can provide experienced advice and support, including liaising with journalists and providing statements on your behalf. 

We're available to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Medicolegal advice FAQ

I work in primary care in England and Wales, who should I contact with a claim?

The clinical negligence scheme for general practice was introduced on 1 April 2019. This means that, depending when the incident you need advice on occurred, you will need to contact either us or NHS Resolution.

  • If the incident occurred before 1 April 2019, you should report the claim to us on 0800 561 9090.
  • If the incident occurred on or after 1 April 2019, you should report the claim to NHS Resolution on 020 7811 2700 or email one of the below contacts:
  • For clinical claims enquiries:
  • For non-clinical claims enquiries:
  • For the early notification team:
  • If an incident (or incidents) occurred during both periods, or where it is unclear, you should report the claim to us

Please be aware that incidents must be reported promptly to ensure that all procedural steps and compliance guidelines are met.

Will you still help me if I leave MPS?

Where you are eligible for MPS’s occurrence-based protection you can seek assistance for any complaint or claim arising from an adverse incident that took place during membership of MPS – even if it is brought years later, or if you have long since left MPS. Occurrence-based protection means you do not need to make any further arrangements for long-term protection after your membership ends.

I'm worried about something that's happened. Can I talk to MPS about it?

If you are concerned about any issue or incident which has occurred in your capacity as a doctor or other healthcare worker, we would encourage you to get in touch immediately to ask our advice. There is no stigma attached to seeking guidance or support, and we would rather you asked for help in time to avoid a problem instead of waiting and hoping for the best, only to find yourself in greater difficulties later.

Does requesting advice affect my annual membership subscription?

  • We actively encourage members to contact us for advice to provide peace of mind and to help prevent a concern or problem escalating.
  • MPS does not use the number of requests for advice as part of its risk assessment of a member. This includes determining their membership subscription.
  • In exceptional cases, where a request for advice involves facts or circumstances of a highly unusual or unique nature it might trigger a general review of an individual’s risk profile. However, we stress that this would be very unusual.
So, if you want to discuss a medico-legal issue or need advice on how to prevent a concern or problem escalating, please do let us know - we are only a phone call away.
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