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As a Medical Protection member, you can earn CPD while you learn ways to prevent problems and reduce your risk.

Our convenient range of online courses, included in every membership, offer the flexibility to be completed at any point. This means that you can learn ways to protect your career and patients at times that fit your busy schedule.

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Remote Consulting

This course has been developed to help you consult using phone or video as safely and effectively as possible.

What are online courses?

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Completed online

Earn CPD

All Medical Protection members have access to our large selection of short courses, as well as earning you CPD.

Our online courses range from 10 minutes up to 2 hours, where you watch videos and interact digitally on screen.

Accessed on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet they can be started, stopped and resumed at any time – completely flexible around you and the topics you want to train in.

What topics are included?

Medicolegal issues

Professionalism and ethics

Communication and interpersonal skills

Systems and processes

Clinical risk management


Topical Issues

Most popular courses

Introduction to Human Factors

Understand the role human factors play in improving how you work and make the healthcare care environment safer and more efficient.

Medical Records in Primary Care

Explore important issues in relation to medical records and go on to develop skills to improve your record keeping.

Medical Records in Secondary Care

Understanding and applying the principles of good record keeping to reduce your medicolegal risk.

Remote Consulting

This course has been developed to help you consult using phone or video as safely and effectively as possible.


Explore the ethical and legal principles involved in consent and learn strategies for obtaining valid consent through shared decision making.

Medication Errors and Safer Prescribing

Understand how clinicians can enhance patient safety and reduce the risk in relation to how they manage medicines in primary care.

How to access our range of online courses

All you need to do is either log in to our online learning hub or activate your account if you haven’t already.

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