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Where claims are made against an individual doctor, there is still a risk that the company itself could also be held liable and sued for failures in its procedures and controls.

Companies are legal entities that can be held liable for a range of problems, including:


The actions or omissions of their staff, regardless of whether they have their own individual professional indemnity arrangements, eg nurses and administrative staff.

Failures in practice systems or procedures, such as patient referrals or test results.

A failure to properly investigate complaints or patient safety concerns.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Benefits of Corporate Membership are provided on a discretionary, claims-made basis, and include the following, as standard


A professional advice line.

Media relations support.

Flexible single and aggregate limits

Medical malpractice indemnity in relation to damages awarded against the company, as a result of the acts or omissions of the company or its staff, where staff roles have been specifically listed in the Terms of Membership.

Dedicated account management services to assist you when your organisation changes and grows, ensuring your membership arrangement continues to meet your needs.

Indemnity in relation to Good Samaritan acts (of the company’s staff, where staff roles have been specifically listed in the Terms of Membership).

Indemnity in relation to defence costs (including advancement).

How does Corporate Membership work?

Benefits are provided on a claims-made basis. In order to request assistance for an adverse incident, the company must be in a period of active membership, both at the time the incident occurred and at the time the adverse incident is reported to us.

It’s important to know that once the claims-made membership ends, the company cannot notify us of any new incidents or claims arising from the membership period that have not been reported during membership. Any new provider would need to offer retroactive indemnity to cover any claims arising from the membership period that we were not notified about.


Individual medical professional indemnity arrangements

Corporate Membership does not replace individual protection arrangements. It does not provide indemnity for the acts or omissions of individual medical professionals where they should have their own individual arrangements. This applies even where the organisation is liable for that act or omission.

Doctors employed or contracted by your organisation need to have their own individual professional indemnity arrangements in place. This is to ensure they are adequately protected in the event of a clinical negligence claim or in case they need to seek assistance with other medicolegal problems, such as regulatory proceedings and criminal or coroner investigations.

By choosing to purchase Group Membership protection for your individual contracted and employed doctors, alongside Corporate Membership, you can rest assured that all your medical malpractice indemnity arrangements are in one place. This can minimise the cost and time of handling claims that involve both the company and individual doctors, as all matters are dealt with by one indemnity provider.

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It is a condition of Corporate Membership that all registered medical practitioners employed or engaged by the organisation have – and maintain – their own individual professional indemnity arrangements. In addition, it is recommended that clinicians working for the organisation maintain membership of a professional trade body.


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