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Coping with the stress of a claim

Working in healthcare can be tough and demanding. Receiving and dealing with complaints, clinical negligence claims, disciplinary matters, or other medicolegal issues can create even more stress. You may find it difficult to talk to friends and colleagues about the problems you are facing. But you are not alone.

We want to make sure your health and wellbeing is maintained, so that you can continue to work effectively and in the best interests of your patients.

If you would like to talk about the stress you’re experiencing relating to a medicolegal issue then you can access our independent, confidential counselling service.

Simply contact your medicolegal case handler who will be able to provide you with the freephone number.

 Qualified and registered psychologists and counsellors
 Entirely independent and confidential
 Free for members
 Immediate access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
 Face-to-face counselling sessions arranged near you
If you’re suffering from stress due to a medicolegal issue that you haven’t reported to MPS, you may find it useful to contact one of our medicolegal advisers.
Contact a medicolegal adviser

MPS Associates

Sometimes it is easier to speak to a peer who might have experienced something similar. Our team of MPS Associates are a group of members, who offer one-on-one confidential support for other members based in Singapore. 

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