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Membership Options for Public Doctors

The Ministry of Health Holdings’ (MOHH) has introduced a new scheme for the provision of indemnity for public sector healthcare professionals.  The introduction of the new scheme is with immediate effect, and members will migrate to the new provider as their current MPS membership expires.

Should any member working in the public healthcare sector wish to retain their individual membership with us, they would be welcome to do so; however this would be in addition to the MOHH arrangement.

If you do wish to continue your Medical Protection membership after your 2017 renewal date, you can do so in one of two ways:

Medical Protection Membership – without protection for claims

This is an individual protection package designed to complement the indemnity provided by MOHH. 

You will have access to a team of highly trained specialists, from a wide range of healthcare and legal backgrounds, who are truly passionate about supporting doctors and ensuring their security and peace of mind.

This membership package includes robust representation at SMC proceedings, medicolegal advice, assistance in responding to a patient complaint or preparing reports, and support throughout your career with risk management resources.

So we can provide personal support and advice when problems arise, and help to prevent issues occurring in the first place.

 Disciplinary proceedings
 Writing reports
 Preparing for inquests
 Patient complaints
 Criminal proceedings arising from clinical care
 Protection for Good Samaritan Acts
 Coping with the stress of a case
 Media attention
 Ethical and legal dilemmas
 Free interactive skills workshops
 Risk management masterclasses
 Online CME courses
 Leading journal Casebook
 Detailed factsheets
 Real-life medicolegal case reports
 Medicolegal conferences and seminars

Medical Protection Full membership

We remain committed to supporting our members in Singapore in whatever capacity they need us. If you wish to maintain your full membership with Medical Protection, with all the benefits as shown above and also including indemnity for clinical negligence claims, please select our Full Membership at renewal.

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