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Media attention can put your personal and professional reputation at risk. Our Press Office can help reduce risks and respond to the media on your behalf.

We can support you and your team by:

 Providing expert advice on handling the media
 Speaking to journalists on your behalf
 Drafting an appropriate response
 Monitoring coverage and assisting with any follow-up action

The press team has extensive experience with the media and by seeking their advice early you can help reduce the risk of negative media attention.

If you have a current or past case and need advice on a media enquiry, please contact the person who is handling your case directly. Contact details can be found on your case letter.

If you do not have a current case, please contact the team by phone +44 113 243 6436 or email [email protected]

Five tips for dealing with the media

  1. Maintain your professional composure.

  2. Find out the journalist’s name, the name of the publication/outlet, deadline and their contact details.

  3. Don’t respond immediately ­– take time to consider your response.

  4. Remember that nothing is ‘off the record’.

  5. Contact the MPS Press Office as soon as possible for advice.