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Protection for Humanitarian Work

The medical profession is defined by dedication, compassion, and service. It’s these values that drive some of our members to volunteer and give assistance in times of crisis.

We understand the vital role that humanitarian care plays worldwide, which is why we have offered our members the right to request indemnity for any complaints or claims arising from humanitarian work for many years.

As a Medical Protection member, you can request protection for humanitarian work if:

  • Your membership is current

  • You have been in membership for a minimum of six months

  • You are working for a recognised charity or humanitarian organisation

  • You contact Medical Protection before you intend to travel

  • You have met all of the destination country’s professional criteria.

You can request assistance and advice relating to humanitarian work for up to six months in any 12-month membership period. This can be applied to a number of shorter trips, or for a single 6-month period.

To learn more about the humanitarian protection that we provide, please email us [email protected]

Things to know before you volunteer

Volunteers are always responsible for checking that they understand and follow the laws and regulations of the country where they will be volunteering, including any requirements for work permits or visas.

They also need to understand and follow any professional obligations such as registration or licensing, and the rules about the type of indemnity they are required to have.

Members who have met all of a country’s professional criteria can request assistance from us. Please note however that this is only available for matters brought within the member’s home territory.