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Medical Protection has a membership of more than 9,000 doctors in Singapore. We have a long-term commitment to support doctors throughout their career.

We strive to be a partner in each member’s career. We’re committed to helping prevent problems from occurring, not just helping to resolve them. You can contact us to get impartial and expert advice before things escalate to a complaint, investigation or even a claim.

Our combined approach of offering advice, risk management and defence makes us unique. Discretion means we can say yes where others may say no.

Our expert team of fellow professionals go the extra mile and can take the legal burden off doctors, protect their reputation, help them cope with the stress of a complaint or claim and make the transition back to work.

You’re never alone – our advice is tailored to you and the situation you’re facing.

Whether you want to attend a workshop, complete e-learning or get advice from a medicolegal expert, start making the most of your membership today.

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