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We know that many of you have questions about this type of protection, so we have compiled a series of FAQs that we hope will help to explain how claims-made protection works.
If your question is not answered below, please contact our membership team at [email protected].

You can either scroll through the FAQs below or use this navigation to jump to the relevant section:


Introduction to claims-made

  • What is the difference between occurrence-based and claims-made protection?

  • Will I continue to receive the same level of protection with claims-made membership?

  • Why is claims-made priced differently to occurrence-based membership?

  • What external factors affect the calculation of membership subscriptions for claims-made protection?


Adverse incident reporting

  • What is an adverse incident and how do I report it?

  • Why is it important that I report adverse incidents?


Extended Reporting Benefits (ERBs)

  • What are Extended Reporting Benefits (ERBs)?

  • Why should I apply for ERBs?

  • How can I apply for ERBs?

  • When should I apply for ERBs?

  • Do I need protection when I stop practising?

  • Can I purchase ERBs to cover my whole retirement?

  • Can I purchase ERBs if I move to another indemnity provider?

  • What will the cost of ERBs be?



  • How does this change affect me?

  • Why are you offering claims-made?

  • Is there a financial limit on discretionary indemnity?


Obstetricians and gynaecologists

  • What happens if I stop practising as an obstetrician and move to another area of practice? Do I have to continue to pay to protect the time when I was practising obstetrics with claims-made protection?

  • Should I report every delivery to be on the safe side?

  • Is there a limit on my protection?