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Members of the group scheme will have their own individual membership and access to all the occurrence-based benefits provided. Your organisation acts as a central point of administration with oversight of individual indemnity arrangements.

When we partner with your organisation, we look at the requirements for the whole team. We consider the services you deliver, the locations in which you operate and the structure of the organisation. By developing a comprehensive understanding of your business, we can provide a tailored package focusing on your specific needs.


Our Group Membership is designed to:


Give you peace of mind that your team has the appropriate indemnity in place for the work they undertake.

Assist you in managing indemnity arrangements on behalf of your employees.

Give you access to group benefits for your employees.

Provide you with access to our dedicated account management team – here to help your organisation achieve its aims and goals.

Benefits of Group Membership

Claims handling advice and support to resolve matters quickly.

A medicolegal helpline, available 24/7 in an emergency.

Press office support 24 hours a day.

Expert support from a large team of specialist doctors, lawyers and claims handlers on negligence claims and other medicolegal matters, such as regulatory investigations.

Professional development, including workshops, online e-learning and medicolegal publications to help members tackle the causes of complaints and claims.

Personal advice to help members deal with medicolegal concerns and reduce the risk of claims and complaints escalating.