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Medical professionals must have access to mental wellbeing support as wave three grips city

29 July 2020

More should be done to ensure medical professionals in Hong Kong have quick access to mental wellbeing support as a third wave of Covid-19 grips the city, Medical Protection said today.

Medical Protection – the world’s leading protection organisation supporting over 13,000 healthcare professionals in Hong Kong - said many will be experiencing anxiety and stress stemming from treating Covid-19 patients, financial pressures, adapting to new ways of working and adhering to Covid-19 policies. This is set against the context of significant levels of burnout among the profession.

The organisation also warned that there can be a delay before the symptoms of some mental health conditions start to emerge – as was the case months after the peak of the 2003 SARS outbreak. 

Mental wellbeing resources for medical professionals are limited, and Hong Kong has only 4.39 psychiatrists per 100,000 population - well below other regions such as England (17 per 100,000 population) and under half the number recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, Medicolegal Lead, Risk Prevention at Medical Protection, said: “The mental wellbeing of medical professionals is often overlooked, but it is important to acknowledge that doctors in many countries around the world will require support following Covid-19 – Hong Kong is no exception.

“Twice they have seen a light at the end of the tunnel as the virus transmission subsided, indicating a return to normality and the easing of family and financial pressures. Yet each time, the situation has regressed. Medical professionals will no longer be running on adrenaline; they will be physically and emotionally exhausted.

“Medical Protection offers wellbeing support and guidance to members through workshops, podcasts and an online resilience hub. In response to Covid-19 all members now have access to a free, confidential counselling service and we have hosted well received webinars advising on self-care and sustaining team performance during this difficult time. We also encourage doctors with mental health expertise to help other doctors in need, and they can contact us to offer their details and services.

“However, we feel more could be done, with a focus on providing quick, convenient and discreet access to the right kind of support, which can help medical professionals to manage specific issues.

“For example, we know there are numerous sources of stress for our members. Some are experiencing anxiety due to treating Covid-19 patients; with the ongoing risks that brings, the disruption to routine patient care and the associated loss of income for those in private practice. Some are still adjusting to new policies and ways of working, such as PPE and use of telemedicine, and some working on the frontline will be exhausted due to an inability to take leave or rest adequately which leaves them at risk of burnout.

“As Hong Kong goes through another cycle of this unremitting pandemic we hope employers, institutions and the authorities can work together as quickly as possible to ensure doctors in the public and private sector have access to the support they need and can continue to perform at their best for patients. Doctors should not suffer in silence.” 


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