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Professional Protection goes above and beyond state-backed indemnity

With Professional Protection, you can continue to request representation, support and advice from our expert medicolegal team.

Criminal allegations and investigations

We can help if you have become the subject of criminal investigations that arise directly from your provision of clinical care to patients.

Inquests or inquiries

We can help you prepare a report and advise you on how to manage the process. If necessary, we can arrange legal representation on your behalf.

GMC or regulatory body hearings

We can help you from the outset, whether it is drafting a letter in response to a GMC inquiry or providing legal representation at a full hearing.


We can help you formulate responses to complaints, assisting and supporting you through to resolution.

Good Samaritan acts

We can give you legal advice and representation worldwide in the unlikely event of legal proceedings following a Good Samaritan act.

Disciplinary problems

If your professional conduct, personal performance or health problems are ever called into question you have the right to request advice and representation.

Calculating your subscription

Subscription rates are calculated based on your specific needs. This means we will provide you with an individual tailored quote based on the amount and nature of work you do.

A Professional Protection membership subscription is based on your role (GP, salaried GP, partner, locum, nurse or other healthcare professional), the number of sessions or hours you work and whether you undertake any higher risk activities.

Does your scope of practice include any higher risk activities? 

Certain activities within general practice carry higher risk than others, such as out of hours work, minor surgery or tele-consultations. When we changed your membership to Professional Protection, we have assumed you undertake standard GP activities. However, if you undertake higher risk activities, these should be declared when checking your membership details, to ensure you have adequate indemnity.

The list below details the roles and activities we have identified as being higher risk:

  • Forensic medical examiner
  • Prison medical officer
  • Minor surgery* (see Useful definitions section below)
  • Cosmetic/aesthetic medicine
  • Out of hours* or unscheduled work (see Useful definitions section below)
  • Virtual or tele-consulting for unregistered patients or patients who you do not hold full medical records for.

Read more about Professional Protection and Claims Protection

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Medicolegal advice
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