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Careers - test your knowledge

Try out the mock questions below and test your knowledge.

  1. A patient is angry about the long wait he has had before getting an appointment. He challenges you about it, raising his voice and making threatening gestures. What do you do?
    • A – Challenge his behaviour and raise your voice. 
    • B – Ask about the cause of the problem, speaking calmly and slowly and attempting to resolve the situation. 
    • C – Refuse to treat the patient and make steps to have him removed from the practice list.
  2. A 68-year-old patient with moderately severe dementia attends surgery. His symptoms have been getting worse and he has had two minor driving collisions recently. He does not understand that it might be dangerous to keep driving, and seems confused. What should you do?
    • A – Inform the RSA about this patient’s condition. 
    • B – Ask the patient to contact the RSA and inform them of his condition. 
    • C – Request another hospital appointment for assessment of his fitness to drive.
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For more online learning, visit the MPS E-learning section of the website where you can access a number of interactive case reports on communication skills and earn CPD points too.

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