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Practice Matters

Practice Matters Ireland is a magazine for the whole practice team.

Practice Matters Ireland aims to provide practical tips on risk management and medicolegal issues for your whole practice, as well as being an entertaining and informative read.

It is one of the many important benefits of your MPS membership. We believe the work we undertake, including developing publications like Practice Matters Ireland, are important in helping to reduce members’ exposure to complaints and claims.

If you have any questions, feature ideas or comments about this magazine, please contact our Editorial Team on

ISSN 2052-1642 (Print)

ISSN 2052-1650 (Online)

May 2017

  • Learning form events
  • Managing conflict in general practice
  • The risks of test result management
  • Never Events in general practice 
  • Considerations when volunteering as a sports physician
  • Medication errors and safer prescribing 
  • From the case files 

June 2016

  • Day in the life
  • What can a CRSA do for your practice? 
  • Medicolegal update
  • Handling a Medical Council complaint
  • Challenges of rural pratcice
  • Physician, heal thyself
  • How to manage a disruptive patient
Practice Matters Ireland December 2015

December 2015

  • Update
  • Listening to complaints
  • ICGP Network of GP Trainees Conference 2015
  • No 'I' in team
  • Top general practice questions
  • Risk Alert: Nurses and delegation
  • General practice conference 2015: Spotlight on risk
  • From the case files
  • The 12 risks of Christmas