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Casebook is the journal of Medical Protection. Each issue is full of medicolegal news, thought-provoking features and case reports.

Casebook aims to promote safer practice by providing information and sharing experiences that you will find helpful.

It consistently meets with high praise from Medical Protection members and frequently sparks debate and discussion within the medicolegal field. 

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ISSN 1740-C090 (print)

November 2016

  • Noticeboard
  • A testing problem
  • Challenging interactions with colleagues
  • Mental health and doctors
  • Overcoming addiction
  • Mental capacity
  • From the case files

May 2016

  • Risk alerts - medication errors and safe prescribing
  • What's new in the updated IMC guide
  • Meet your Medical Protection team
  • Responding to complaints
  • From the case files

November 2015

  • Contraception and a cardiac arrest
  • What to do with clinical records
  • Risk Alert - Retained throat packs
  • From the case files