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Test your knowledge

Try out the mock questions below and test your knowledge.

  1. The family of a deceased patient makes a complaint against you and they have a number of aspects of care they are unhappy with. Can you discuss the medical treatment leading up to the death?
    • A. Yes, if a consent form was signed before death. 
    • B. No, this would be a breach of confidentiality. 
    • C. Yes, patients and their families are entitled to honest, open and prompt communication about adverse events, and an explanation of what happened. 
    • D. No, you should never discuss medical treatment with anyone other than the patient.
  2. The Gardaí ask you for the medical records of a two-year-old patient, whom they suspect has been physically abused. They also ask for the mother’s records. Can you share the records without parental consent?
    • A. No, let them get a court order. 
    • B. You should ask the Gardaí to seek the consent of the mother for both sets of records. If they do not obtain this you should not release the mother’s records, but you may release the baby’s since a serious crime is being investigated. 
    • C. Yes, if the request comes from a senior officer. 
    • D. Yes.
  3. A call centre HR manager comes to see you. She has brought in a sickness certificate for one of her employees, a patient of yours, which bears your signature. She thinks the dates have been altered. What should you do?
    • A. Refuse to see her, or confirm that he is a patient. 
    • B. You can confirm only that he is a patient. 
    • C. You can confirm that the sick notes are not in their original state. 
    • D. You can confirm that they are forgeries and remove the patient from your list.

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