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When you choose Medical Protection membership, you are choosing a defence organisation that puts you first.

As a member-owned, not-for-profit organisation, we exist purely to support your professional interests and protect your finances, career and reputation from legal claims and complaints.

We’ve protected members in Ireland for more than 100 years and have extensive experience of dealing with clinical negligence claims, the healthcare landscape and common medicolegal issues in Ireland.

Why is indemnity so important?

All doctors practising medicine in Ireland must have indemnity cover appropriate to the nature of their employment/practice arrangement and their area of practice. 

With Medical Protection having supported doctors in Ireland for over 100 years, you can rest assured that we’ll work tirelessly to protect you through the next stage of your career, and beyond. 

How Medical Protection can help

As a member, you can access a range of benefits not offered by the Clinical Indemnity Scheme. Here’s how our protection can help:

Medical Protection Clinical Indemnity Scheme
Support in Medical Council investigations and representation at hearings ×
Representation for individual practitioners at inquiries (including indemnified agency staff) ×
Medicolegal advice line including out of hours emergency support 24/7 ×
Help responding to patient complaints ×
Help in disciplinary proceedings, e.g. ombudsmen investigations ×
Help with unwanted media attention ×
CPD courses and online learning to help prevent issues arising ×
Access to our confidential counselling service to support you through stressful situations relating to your work or personal life that you feel could impact your practice ×

Discretionary support that thinks on its feet

Our discretionary approach to providing assistance is not about being able to say no. It’s about having the flexibility to ask, ‘How can we help?’

Discretion allows us to treat each case on its individual merit, providing flexibility for a wider range of situations, especially those with unforeseen or unusual circumstances.

Unlike some other organisations, discretion allows us to assess claims and complaints when new issues and risks arise in healthcare and consider where we can support you.

Our experienced medicolegal consultants and specialist solicitors can use their judgement and expertise to help you, without being restricted by small print, financial caps or exclusion clauses.

Local, expert advice that understands you

As part of our local commitment, we are continuing to invest for the long term by increasing our team of dedicated experts who are on hand to help you when you need it. 

We’re committed to getting as close to members as possible, providing a tailored service that supports you in dealing with issues of local relevance and urgency. With medicolegal services now available from Ireland, our long-term commitment to Irish members is clear.

How to join

To apply to become a Medical Protection member please complete the application form below and return by email to Alternatively, if you wish to request an indicative subscription rate, please get in contact using the details below.

Once we have received your application form, we will contact you to discuss your membership options and subscription rate.

Tel: 1 800 932 916*

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*Calls may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes. Cost of calls to this number depend on your communication provider. Please check with your provider before you dial.