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Our podcasts have been developed by experienced doctors and communication experts to enhance your professional development and boost your protection.

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Gain insight and information while you exercise, commute, or just go about your day. The new Medical Protection podcast delves into real cases, explores how to navigate the increasingly complex workplace, and brings you the latest research. You can earn CME by listening to a whole series with certificates available from our online learning hub.

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Real World Series:

Why is it we find it difficult to speak up in healthcare? And when a mistake is made, are we working in a system that learns from it, or looks to place blame? Join us for a series that explores the realities of teams and culture in healthcare today.

Headliner Series:

In this series we discuss the challenges of practicing overseas, and how as colleagues in the healthcare system, we can support to bridge the language and cultural divides.

Case Files Series:

A General Practitioner is called by the police to attend an interview under caution. Meanwhile, the Performance Advisory Group contact another doctor regarding a delayed diagnosis complaint. Tune in to discover how we learn from these real cases.

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