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With the continued spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we know that this is a worrying time for everyone, but particularly for those healthcare practitioners who are providing frontline services and advice to patients. We understand your concerns and are here to offer support and advice if you need it. We provide some  top questions and answers here.

Developments in the coronavirus situation are changing daily, and we would urge all healthcare practitioners in Hong Kong to be aware of and follow advice from the Government website, particularly those healthcare providers who may have responsibility for assessing possible cases of COVID-19.

We appreciate that practitioners may have to change how they consult with their patients during the coronavirus crisis – which could mean holding remote consultations. Please be reassured that should you need to do a remote consultation with a patient whom you would ordinarily see face-to-face, your membership with Medical Protection will enable you to request assistance for matters that could arise from such consultations during this time. We have more information regarding remote consultations here.


For ease of use we have grouped COVID-19 FAQ into two groups: 

Latest coronavirus updates


Latest coronavirus guidance