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Meet the team

14 March 2024

The Medical Protection team in Hong Kong is here to provide an in-country service that ensure local support and information.


Joeky Leung

Joeky Leung is an experienced professional serving as Medical Protection’s Regional Development Director of Asia. With an impressive 27 years of strategic management experience, Joeky has worked extensively in multinational healthcare assistance and insurance practices. Her expertise lies in various areas, including business development, marketing management, claims, and call centre operations.

Joeky has a strong focus on supporting global key accounts and managing large client portfolios. Throughout her career, Joeky has led numerous cross-country projects, emphasising customer-centred innovation in insurance and the scaling of digital cross-selling platforms. She has also been involved in managing strategic partnerships and portfolio cost management across Asia Pacific, specifically in Hong Kong SAR, China, and Southeast Asian countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia.

With a master's degree in business administration and a background in law, Joeky brings a diverse skill set to her role. Based in Hong Kong, Joeky is committed to achieving positive outcomes and upholding the values of Medical Protection. She strives to deliver the highest level of service to members and actively seeks opportunities to drive development initiatives in response to the ever-changing healthcare industry. Joeky's dedication and expertise contribute to the delivery of exceptional service to members.


Dr Danny Lee

Dr Danny Lee is our Senior Medical Adviser with extensive medical and legal expertise. He obtained his MBChB qualification and later earned an MD from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). In addition to his medical training in General Surgery, Danny holds three law degrees: JD  , LLM (Medical Law), and LLM (Arbitration & Dispute Resolution).

Dr Lee has a strong passion for teaching and was a member of the Medical Protection international education faculty from 2009 to 2019, where he conducted risk management workshops for members. Currently, he holds the position of Clinical Associate Professor (honorary) at CUHK and serves as an Honorary Consultant in the Department of Surgery in hospitals under the Hospital Authority's New Territories East Cluster.

Prior to his current appointment, Dr Lee served as the Chairperson of the Preliminary Investigation Committee 2 in the Medical Council of Hong Kong from 2021 to 2022. His research interests and teaching focus are on healthcare laws and ethics, including complaint management, medical malpractice claims, and regulatory regimes. Dr Lee is a sought-after speaker in conferences and workshops, where he shares his expertise on medicolegal topics.

Dr Lee has a proven track record of providing high-level services to members. Through his role as a Senior Medical Adviser and his extensive experience in the field, he has consistently delivered exceptional care and support to individuals. Danny's dedication to teaching and his involvement in risk management workshops further demonstrate his commitment to ensuring the wellbeing and satisfaction of members. With his expertise in healthcare laws and ethics, Dr Lee is well-equipped to address any concerns or issues that members may have, providing them with the highest level of service possible.

Sirdy Wong

Sirdy Wong is a valuable member of our team, having joined in 2019 as the Member Relations Manager for Hong Kong. Prior to this role, Sirdy gained extensive experience in the healthcare industry, working for a Hong Kong-based private hospital and pharmaceutical organisation.

Sirdy's background and experiences have equipped her with a strong understanding of healthcare and the ability to provide quality services to doctors  and healthcare professionals. In addition to her nursing degree from Australia, Sirdy possesses skills in marketing, client relations, and business development, which further enhance her capabilities in her current role.

With her combined expertise and experiences, Sirdy is well-versed in the health profession and clinical acumen, allowing her to effectively support our members and foster positive relationships within the healthcare community.

Cyrus Choi

Cyrus Choi is a Member Relations Manager with a proven track record in private hospitals and medical groups. With over a decade of experience, his key areas of expertise include business development, operations excellence, insurance network management, and project management. He is passionate about driving positive change within the healthcare industry and leveraging his expertise to contribute to the improvement of patient care and overall healthcare outcomes.Cyrus holds dual master's degrees – an MBA and an MPH – bringing a comprehensive perspective to healthcare management. This unique advantage enables him to balance financial considerations and critical aspects of public health, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients and the organisation.

His unwavering commitment to the principles of patient-centred care, continuous learning, and operational efficiency positions him as a dedicated advocate for positive change within the healthcare industry.


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