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Protection for the unpredictable

Join Medical Protection today and practise with confidence knowing you have the best support in your corner. That includes knowing that if a malpractice case arises, you will have access to the protection you need.

We believe that prevention is better than cure, so we offer much more than defence. We also provide expert advice, support, and education to help protect you from risk.

We’re here to protect your career, finances, and reputation from legal claims and complaints. Intelligent risk management, expert legal defence, and an influential voice for your profession combine to provide the freedom to practise with confidence. 

Membership is priced for your protection, never for our profit.



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Members benefit from our extensive experience of dealing with clinical negligence claims, understanding of the healthcare landscape, and expertise with common medicolegal issues in the Caribbean and Bermuda. Contact your local Business Development team for more information. 

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