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Past events

Medicolegal and ethics conference 2023 - Spotlight on Risk

The conference brings together the medical and healthcare community to address the latest medicolegal and ethical issues to contend with in everyday practice.

Shielding your early career from Medicolegal Risk

This webinar will look at the five most common medicolegal hazards that junior doctors face while working in public and state hospitals.

Medicolegal and- Ethics Conference 2021 Spotlight on Risk

The event helped attendees minimise risk and provide safer practice. Throughout the event, a host of medicolegal experts highlighted common legal risks and ethical issues. Drawing upon almost 60 years of experience in clinical negligence in the Caribbean and Bermuda, they provided practical advice and tips to apply in day-to-day work.

Medicolegal and- Ethics Conference 2022 Spotlight on Risk

This event helps healthcare professionals understand the ethical risks of practising in today’s changing world and combines presentations, case-based discussions, Q&A and practical guidance on tackling these issues.