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Mental wellbeing is something we all manage on a day-to-day basis. The pressures and demands you face as a doctor, nurse or healthcare professional can make this challenging – more so now than ever before.

It’s not always easy to notice when your mental wellbeing may be suffering or to know what to do to improve it. So, we’re making it easier for you to assess your own wellbeing and get support if you need it.

Whether you want to lower your stress levels, sleep better or reduce burnout, we can help you take positive steps to better mental wellbeing.

We’ve partnered with ICAS International to give you access to immediate practical support. You can talk one-on-one with a licensed counsellor as part of your membership, and access a personalised wellness service by downloading the eCare app.

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Confidential counselling from ICAS


Medical Protection members have access to counselling as part of their membership for work-related issues or stress that they feel could impact their practice such as burnout, anxiety and conflict.

This counselling service is provided by our trusted partner ICAS, who offer a personalised and professional service tailored specifically to members’ requirements and delivered by experienced qualified counsellors.

Members can access telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and face-to-face counselling sessions can be arranged.

The service is entirely confidential and independent of Medical Protection – any member’s contact with ICAS will remain private – and accessing the service is easy.

To book your initial consultation you can email ICAS on [email protected] 
or call on +44 33 00 241 021 and quote your Medical Protection membership number.

eCare app from ICAS

New for Medical Protection members, the eCare app is a personalised online wellness service that offers members fun and interactive ways to monitor, measure and promote balanced healthy living.

Learn about yourself with health checks, wellbeing assessments and personalised advice. Keep up to date with the latest health news and handy tips and browse an on-the-go medical encyclopaedia.

Wellbeing Phone App

Search for ‘eCare mobile’ in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and use code MP001 to get started.

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Breaking the burnout cycle

A recent Medical Protection survey of doctors across 5 countries shows increasing levels of burnout among the profession. Burnout creates problems not just for the doctor as an individual, but it can also impact patients and the wider practice or hospital team.
2007211250 MP CAB Wellbeing Infographic 1
2007211250 MP CAB Wellbeing Infographic 2
2007211250 MP DP CAB Wellbeing Infographic 3

Source: MPS International Breaking the Burnout Surveys 2019

Other support available

Getting to sleep during COVID -19

Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, medicolegal lead, risk prevention at Medical Protection, talks to Dr David O'Regan, consultant psychiatrist and sleep specialist at the Sleep Disorders Centre at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, London. Exploring the potential impact of the COVID-19 crisis on sleep and wellbeing. Offering practical tips and techniques to help improve sleep during a time of worry and uncertainty.

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Recorded webinar:
Looking After Yourself: Self-care through COVID-19

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