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Factsheets are short guides to particular medicolegal issues. They provide essential and practical advice for doctors practising in the Caribbean and Bermuda.

Case Reports

We publish case reports as an aid to Medical Protection members, to alert them to pitfalls that have caught their colleagues unawares.

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We believe that these are an invaluable risk management tool and, as such, they should be rooted in fact – ie, based on actual events. However, to preserve as far as possible the confidentiality of the people involved (both patients and healthcare professionals) we have altered some of the details.


Medical Protection Publications



Casebook is Medical Protection's flagship journal. Each issue is full of medicolegal news, thought-provoking features and case reports.

Casebook aims to promote safer practice by providing information and sharing experiences that you will find helpful. It consistently meets with high praise from Medical Protection members and frequently sparks debate and discussion within the medicolegal field.

NOTICE: This page is no longer being updated with new editions of Casebook. We are currently migrating all old editions to a brand new hub within your online learning platform, where future editions of Casebook will also appear - look out for it coming soon!