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As a corporate associate member of Medical Protection with a claims-made product, it is very important that your corporate officer(s) tells us as soon as possible if they are made aware of a potential claim or a letter of claim / demand is received from attorneys or from the patient or patient representatives.

Please don’t delay reporting and don’t request support from any of Medical Protection local panel attorneys.

Reporting a claim

The corporate officer (s) are the only people that can notify us of a claim. To report a claim the corporate officer must email [email protected] with the following information.

  1. A summary of the event(s)
  2. Dates (of incident; period of involvement and when the event was first identified)
  3. Who was involved?
  4. If physicians are identified provide their full name(s) and position(s)
  5. Which corporate roles are involved
  6. Copies of any complaint / response to the complaint
  7. Any relevant correspondence to include legal papers between the corporate and patient / solicitors
  8. Copies of the patient medical records
  9. Witness statements / reports from the treating staff.
  10. Confirm that the report is being submitted by an approved Corporate Officer
  11. If the incident has previously been reported to Medical Protection

These details are all vital in assisting our medicolegal consultant assessment of assistance.

Please do not delay in reporting a claim if you can’t answer all the questions instead provide when it can be supplied or what is being done to obtain it.

What happens when Medical Protection receives a claim?

The claim will be assessed. The assessment of any request for assistance by the Member Protection & Support division will include:

  • Whether the corporate associate membership was active on the date that the adverse incident occurred and remained in continuous membership between the date that the adverse incident occurred, and the date that the claim is reported.
  • Whether those involved in providing the treatment (subject to the claim) were fulfilling roles that are within the scope of the corporate associate membership – for physicians this scope includes their names and that is why we ask you to name them (3 above).
  • If the corporate’s membership has ended, a corporate officer must have reported the incident within the 30-day notification period at the end of the membership. 

What is the process once a claim has been submitted?

  • Medical Protection will open a case file within 24 hours of receiving the email notifying of the claim.
  • The case file will be reviewed and assessed within the specialist Member Protection and Support division.
  • A dedicated medicolegal consultant will contact you if they require additional information.
  • Where the assessment has confirmed that a claim is valid against the corporate associate membership, a claims manager will be assigned. They will work with the Corporate Officer and will explain the next steps which will include the appointment of local panel attorneys where appropriate.
  • Where the assessment identifies that a claim is not valid against the corporate associate membership, the Medicolegal Consultant will summarise the decision and reasons to the Corporate Officer who submitted the request.

For more details of the process please see the Corporate Associate membership claim reporting guide.




An adverse incident is an event or circumstance that might give rise to a claim, complaint or allegation against you. With claims-made protection, you are required to report an adverse incident to Medical Protection as soon as reasonably practicable after it occurs (or when you become aware that it has occurred).

In order to make an adverse incident report, please complete all the requested details below.

If you need any help completing this form, please contact our medicolegal team for guidance on 800 908 433.

Your details

Details of adverse incident

Enter the relevant address
(please write each name on a separate line)
If yes, please provide details and copies of any documentation you have received

Patient's details

(Please do not include the full name of the patient due to data protection requirements)
Select choices

If an incident takes place and you are unsure whether it is likely to give rise to a claim, you should notify us by completing this form.

If a claim is made against you as an individual complete as many details as possible, and provide us with any associated documentation that you feel we should be aware of.

If reporting on behalf of a corporate member, please ensure you’re authorised to do so as we cannot accept reports from unauthorised contacts.  If a claim arises and you have not notified us of the adverse incident you will not be able to seek assistance.