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You need indemnity arrangements that are tailored to the needs of your organisation, whatever your size and scale. 

When we protect your organisation we look at the requirements for the whole team. We take into account the services you are delivering, the locations in which you operate and the type of organisation running the services. 

This helps us to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business so we can tailor an arrangement to your specific needs.

Find the best solution to support your organisation’s goals. Throughout your membership we will work in partnership with you to help assess and define your indemnity needs in periods of change. This might include times where you are merging or acquiring practices, setting up a new organisational structure, or bidding for or developing new services.

Arrangements are typically based around one of the following models. 

Group membership

This allows an organisation to manage an arrangement on behalf of their employees. 

Individuals within the group have individual Medical Protection membership and access to all the occurrence-based benefits this provides. However the organisation acts as a central point of administration, has full oversight of individual protection arrangements and can pay on an individual’s behalf. 

Corporate associate membership

This type of membership is provided at an organisational level and is aimed at companies rather than individuals. 

It provides access to indemnity on a claims-made basis for clinical negligence claims brought against a company. It can include indemnity for roles held by associates and non-clinical staff, although these role holders are not individual Medical Protection members. 

Combined group and corporate associate membership

This is a hybrid model which sees corporate associate membership offered alongside group arrangements, meaning the organisation can ensure its employees, contracted healthcare professionals and the company itself have access to indemnity protection. 

Read more about group and corporate membership benefits using the links below.

Enquire about membership and one of our team will be in touch. They will discuss how we can help identify your needs and put an arrangement in place. 

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Medicolegal advice
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