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It costs your practice nothing to set up a Practice Xtra group – it’s just a way of bringing all our GPs together into a single group while continuing to provide world-class defence, advice and support to them.

You can choose from two levels of benefits to reward this cooperative approach. This level depends on how many GPs there are in your practice and how many are Medical Protection members.


Gold benefits are for practices where 80%+ of GPs or GP partners are Medical Protection members.


Silver benefits are for practices where 50%+ of GP partners are Medical Protection members.
Both Gold and Silver members are entitled to key benefits including:
 Free access to indemnity for nurses and practice managers
 Training for the practice team
 Access to Croner business support advice line
 Practice Matters journal, practice alerts and online resources

Gold members also receive premium benefits including:

 Discounts on GP membership
 Free risk management consultation and report
 Annual subscription to Croner-i Professional Practice Manager
 Textbook packs to support GP trainees

We understand that it can take time for GPs to end an existing membership arrangement in order to move into a Practice Xtra scheme. Our processes are designed to be flexible to help you with this if you want to set up or upgrade a group scheme. We recommend you contact your account manager to discuss this further.

The number of GPs in your practice group affects the number of nurses employed by your practice that we can provide free access to indemnity for (along with the level of duties they undertake). The more GPs who are Medical Protection members, the more you benefit. For more information please see our Nurse indemnity FAQs.

Find out more about the benefits of Practice Xtra membership by downloading our membership guide.

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