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GP indemnity Q&As

  • What does the Government’s announcement about NHS indemnity mean?
  • Why has the Government made this announcement now?
  • As a GP, what does the introduction of a state-backed indemnity scheme mean for my membership?
  • When will the scheme be developed?
  • Once the state-backed indemnity scheme for GPs is developed, would I still need my Medical Protection membership?
  • What would the difference be between a state-backed indemnity scheme and the membership I have with you?
  • Would I be able to keep my membership with Medical Protection if I had state-backed indemnity?
  • I have an ongoing case – what will happen if the Government scheme starts before it is resolved?
  • I am a GP in Scotland / Wales / Northern Ireland – is the Government exploring an option for me?
  • I am a locum GP – what would state-backed indemnity mean for me?
  • I am a Practice Xtra member – what would state-backed indemnity mean for me?