Medical Protection message for members in Ireland about Brexit

09 April 2019

There is continuing uncertainty over what relationship the UK will have with Ireland and the rest of the EU in the months and years ahead, and members have been asking us about the impact of Brexit on their practice and their Medical Protection membership.

Doctors in the UK and Ireland are understandably worried about what Brexit could mean for them and for their patients. Many of their concerns relate to cross-border provision of care, access to drugs and medical devices and the recruitment and mobility of healthcare professionals across borders. We share some of these concerns. 

The healthcare systems in Ireland and the UK depend on the vital contribution of doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals from both countries. There is a long history of healthcare professionals from Ireland and the UK living and practising across borders. Medical schools in the UK and Ireland have also long attracted students keen to learn from each other. It is therefore important that an outcome is reached that does not negatively affect healthcare across the island of Ireland.

While it remains difficult to predict whether the outcome of Brexit will have an impact on the delivery of healthcare, Medical Protection members can be reassured that we will continue to offer support and protection for matters arising from professional practice.

Based on the thorough analysis we conducted of every possible scenario, we can be confident that regardless of the type of Brexit that occurs, members in Ireland can be reassured that Medical Protection will continue to serve your interests as robustly in the future as we have in the past.

We are closely monitoring developments as they evolve in both the UK and Ireland. We have reviewed our operations in relation to members in Ireland and taken various steps to ensure that we will be able to continue to serve members without impediment, even in the event of a ‘no deal’.  

Medical Protection has a long history of providing membership and support in a number of countries under different legal and regulatory frameworks. We have operated in Ireland for more than 100 years - prior to the establishment of the EU - and we remain fully committed to serving members in Ireland.