We’re making improvements to your membership

13 December 2017

Changes we're making to help you get the most from your membership

As a member-owned organisation, it’s our role to help you make the most of your membership.  And we’re working hard to develop a membership that is personalised to you, reflecting your individual circumstances.  This is all part of our commitment to provide you with more tailored protection and easier ways to manage your membership.

All consultant members have been, or will be, contacted in 2017 with a request to update relevant details and provide some supplementary information which includes non-CIS indemnified gross revenue.

This information will only be used by Medical Protection and only for the purposes you have given your consent to – we can assure you that confidentiality is a cornerstone of your membership. 

Why we need to ask you about gross revenue

We understand and appreciate that providing details of gross revenue may seem intrusive to some members. Providing this information will ensure your Medical Protection membership reflects your individual circumstances more closely and will allow us to provide you with a more personalised subscription based on what you do, how much you do of it and where you do it. 

When determining subscriptions, we take a number of factors into consideration. However, it has become increasingly apparent that to accurately set subscriptions in the future, it is likely that we will need to use members’ gross income data as an indicative measure. We recognise that gross revenue is not an exact measure of what you do. However, it is a reliable and proven indicator of risk that we have used for many years in several countries and it is less complex to collect than other alternatives. 

Refresh questionnaire

All members have a choice on whether to complete the Refresh questionnaire; it is not a condition of membership, nor will it impact your next renewal. For the questionnaire to be completed successfully, all answers must be completed in full, and you will need to provide all the information required. 

What it means for your subscriptions in the future

We are collecting this information so that we can rebalance the overall subscription income we receive from consultants in Ireland, not increase it. Our aim is to make sure that your individual subscription more fairly represents the work that you undertake as well as the responsibilities you carry and the risks you face. 

Your gross revenue will not be used in calculating your upcoming renewal and is not a requirement for your on-going membership. However, it is likely that we will start to use it as a factor to assess the levels of risk members face on a more personal level within the next few years and gathering this information now will help us to build this approach.