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Top 10 things to consider when planning an elective

24 March 2023

When planning your elective, its essential to stay organised and have the right measures in place to help make your experience as stress free as possible. Here's our list of top 10 things to consider before and during your trip.

You can also read the text version of these tips below.

top 10 tips

  1. Make sure you take out elective indemnity: most host institutions will ask for proof of this. Remember, it is free, but you do need to contact us so that we have all the relevant details on record.
  2. Tell your bank you are going away, including the dates and times.
  3. Take copies of your passport, health insurance, visa and other travel documents. Store them somewhere safely.
  4. Take a mobile phone that will work in the destination. Check with your provider that you won't be charged extortionate rates. If you have a smartphone, make sure you turn data roaming off.
  5. Avoid taxis that don't have a license and agree a fare to your destination before getting in the cab. If your taxi driver won't agree a fare, we suggest getting another taxi.
  6. Use your GP, occupational health department and, where necessary, other practitioners to help advise on the health aspects.
  7. If you have a medical condition, chat to your specialist about it (you may require documentation about different medicines, in particular if you use insulin).
  8. Be organised! Keep a record of all your documents and tell family and relatives of your planned itinerary.
  9. Have a budget, and plan in some leeway for unexpected financial costs.
  10. Consider travelling in a group and remember, don't do anything on your elective that you wouldn't do in Ireland.