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Benefits are provided on a claims-made basis, so to request assistance for an adverse incident your organisation must be in a period of active membership, both at the time the incident occurred and at the time the adverse incident is reported to us.

Benefits of corporate membership are provided on a discretionary, claims-made basis and include the following, as standard.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Medical malpractice indemnity in relation to damages awarded against your organisation, as a result of the acts of omissions of your organisation or staff, where staff roles have been specifically listed in the Terms of Membership.

Dedicated account management services to assist you when your organisation changes and grows, ensuring your membership arrangement continues to meet your needs

Flexible single and aggregate limits

Public relations (PR) support

indemnity in relation to defence costs (including advancement)

Professional advice line

Indemnity in relation to Good Samaritan acts [of your organisation's staff, where staff roles have been specifically listed in the Terms of Membership]

It’s important to know that once the claims-made membership ends, your organisation cannot notify us of any new incidents or claims arising from the membership period that have not been reported during membership. Any new provider would need to offer retroactive indemnity to cover any claims arising from the membership period that we were not notified about.


Membership can be tailored to add:


Regulatory defence costs (eg CQC investigations)

Clinical risk programmes

Risk management and educational resources

Retroactive protection, subject to application and review

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