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19 May 2015

Dr Nancy Boodhoo, MPS head of operations (Caribbean and Bermuda) and Dr Jonathan Bernstein, MPS medicolegal adviser, recently held a series of key meetings in Barbados, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. The trip commenced with a discussion at the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP), to find out more about their role in handling patient complaints.

BAMP receives a number of complaints from patients and they will either advise a patient to approach the Barbados Medical Council, or offer a conciliation service between the patient and the doctor involved. Advice to the doctor on improving aspects of their practice may, if appropriate, be offered.

Dr Boodhoo and Dr Bernstein closed their Barbados visit with a meeting with an MPS panel law firm, who handle local cases on behalf of MPS. Matters relating to specific cases were discussed, while solutions to the challenge of finding local experts for cases were also put forward and considered.

On travelling to Jamaica, Dr Boodhoo and Dr Bernstein presented to the Jamaica Dental Association on the importance of good documentation. The presentation was well-attended, with many delegates welcoming a rare dental-specific talk on this subject. A similar presentation took place soon after, with doctors of various grades in attendance. The audience was able to interact with the talk and due to the level of discussion, the session overran its allotted time.

It was then on to the Cayman Islands, and numerous meetings with MPS panel law firms. Matters for discussion were specific to a number of cases. There were further presentations on disclosing medical records and a meeting with senior staff members.

The trip ended with a visit to the Bahamas, where Dr Boodhoo and Dr Bernstein again presented to doctors on disclosing medical records, and met with an MPS panel law firm to review claims procedures in the Bahamas. Overall it was another productive visit to the Caribbean and Bermuda region for MPS, and another valuable opportunity to share the benefits of education with MPS members.

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