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Following the introduction of clinical negligence schemes for general practice in England and Wales, the state now provides indemnity for claims related to the provision of NHS primary medical services. Medical Protection membership continues to provide comprehensive protection for circumstances not covered by the scheme and the right to request indemnity for claims if you opt to add Claims Protection for this work. Claims Protection provides you with the right to request indemnity and defence services in the event of any clinical negligence claims relating to all fee-paying and private work you do outside of an NHS primary medical services contract.

For GPs, your Professional Protection membership subscription is based on your role (GP, salaried GP, partner, locum), the number of sessions or hours you work and whether you undertake any higher risk activities.

For nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals, your Professional Protection membership is based on whether you work full or part time.

Professional Protection benefits at a glance

State-backed indemnityProfessional Protection benefits
The right to request
Support in GMC investigations and representation at hearings×
Help in disciplinary proceedings, eg ombudsmen investigations, performers’ list actions×
Assistance with criminal investigations arising from your clinical practice×
Representation and assistance in coroner inquests×
Help responding to patient complaints×
Medicolegal advice line, available 24/7 in an emergency×
Support for managing unwanted media attention×
Protection for Good Samaritan acts worldwide×
Free CPD courses and online learning to help prevent issues arising×

If you undertake work that is outside the scope of state indemnity schemes you should add Claims Protection to your membership. This gives you the right to request indemnity and assistance with clinical negligence claims arising from this work.

Levels of risk and Claims Protection

Please ensure your Claims Protection membership reflects the appropriate level of risk for activities you undertake which are outside the scope of state indemnity schemes and need indemnifying.

Low risk1

Palliative medicine 

Medicolegal work

Occupational medicine

Academic work

Administrative work (non-clinical)

Medical Examiner

Standard risk

Standard GP activities

Higher risk

Forensic medical examiner

Prison medical officer

Minor surgery

Cosmetic/aesthetic medicine

Out of hours work

Virtual or teleconsulting for unregistered patients or patients who you do not hold full medical records for2

1 To reflect that certain activities within general practice carry a lower risk, this new risk category is available from 1 April 2021 for members who only carry out the listed activities. 

2 If you are undertaking remote consultations with patients you would normally see face-to-face due to COVID-19 you don’t need to inform us or update your membership if this is the only reason you would be in a higher risk category. Find out more about COVID-19 guidance.

Please note that for your Professional Protection membership your risk category relates only to activities you do not require indemnity for because they are covered by the state indemnity schemes e.g. treating NHS patients under an NHS contract. Your risk category could be different for your Professional Protection and Claims Protection memberships.

Claims Protection

You will have access to a team of experts including a dedicated:

Medicolegal consultant with experience in primary care

Claims manager with expertise in clinical negligence claims

Professional support team to manage your claim as efficiently as possible

Specialist solicitor for legal representation

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