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Help with your membership application (GPs in England and Wales)

Following the introduction of clinical negligence schemes for general practice in England and Wales, we now offer two types of GP membership:

Professional Protection

which gives you the right to request medicolegal assistance in circumstances not covered by the state scheme eg GMC investigations, criminal matters, coroners’ inquests.
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Claims Protection

which gives you the right to request indemnity and assistance with clinical negligence claims arising from non-NHS work eg private or fee-paying work.

You can get a quote and make an application using the button below.

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Membership for newly qualified GPs

With Medical Protection you can save up to 50% on your first year of newly qualified GP (NQGP) membership and up to 30% in your second year of practice. Get the protection your career deserves and the support you need as an NQGP. Find out more

Guidance on Claims Protection

If you are unsure about whether you need Claims Protection for any aspect of your work, we recommend viewing the FAQs and the scheme scope document on the NHS Resolution website. These explain exactly what cover is provided by the state and where an additional indemnity arrangement is needed.

If you need to add Claims Protection to your membership, we will calculate the level required based on your income from non-NHS work. This is for both private work and non-NHS work undertaken in GP practices (eg insurance reports, medical certificates, driving medical reports, private prescriptions).

Calculating your income from fee-paying and private work

Calculating your subscription

Subscription rates are calculated based on your specific needs. This means we will provide you with an individual tailored quote based on the amount and type of work you do.

A Professional Protection membership subscription is based on your role (GP, salaried GP, partner, locum), the number of sessions or hours you work and whether you undertake any higher risk activities.

Does your scope of practice include any higher risk activities?

Certain activities within general practice carry a higher risk than others, such as out of hours work, minor surgery or teleconsultations. When we changed your membership to Professional Protection, we have assumed you undertake standard GP activities. However, if you undertake higher risk activities, these should be declared when checking your membership details, to ensure you have adequate indemnity.

The list below details the roles and activities we have identified as being higher risk:

  • Forensic medical examiner
  • Prison medical officer
  • Minor surgery* (see ‘Useful definitions’ section below)
  • Cosmetic/aesthetic medicine
  • Out of hours* or unscheduled work (see ‘Useful definitions’ section below)
  • Virtual or teleconsulting for unregistered patients or patients who you do not hold full medical records for

Please note that if you go on to add Claims Protection to your membership, you only need to tell us about higher risk activities in this part of the application if you need indemnity for them because they are not covered by state indemnity.

What you will need in order to apply

To complete your application, please allow 20 minutes and have the following to hand:

- Your qualification details
- Your GMC number
- An estimate of your total income from fee-paying and private work 

Please remember you will need to have Professional Protection membership in order to add Claims Protection.

Working in the UK outside of England or Wales

If you work in more than one country e.g England and Scotland please complete and return the application and payment information forms below by email to or post to:

Member Services, Medical Protection, Victoria House, 2 Victoria Place, Leeds LS11 5AE. 

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