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Your reputation is key to the success of your career. So, if something occurs which threatens to put this at risk, you can request our help. Our medicolegal advisors, lawyers, fellow doctors and claims managers can all respond quickly to ensure the best outcome for you.

Working on your behalf, we can handle any legal and compensation costs related to a claim or complaint arising from your professional practice. When we assist, there’s no cap on our indemnity and no excess to pay.

If a claim does occur, it can impact you and your career in many different ways, so it’s important that you have access to a team offering you more than just defence. If the worst happens, and you find yourself at the centre of a claim for clinical negligence, then as a member of Medical Protection you have access to the best possible advice, support and defence.
Media support

Your reputation may come under threat and you might be contacted by the press in relation to a case. Our Press Team is staffed by communications professionals, experienced in dealing with the media, who will advise and assist you on handling unwanted media attention. You can also access your free advice booklet on how to handle the media.

GMC proceedings

In some cases, the patient or their representative might complain to the GMC. In the event that you receive correspondence from the GMC we can provide advice and representation to support you through GMC proceedings.

Wellbeing and health

Being sued can have a significant impact on the health of doctors, including increased stress levels. After a claim you can access a counselling service via Medical Protection to help you work through any issues you are facing as a result of the claim.

Rebuilding your confidence

74% of GP surveyed stated being involved in a claim impacted on their confidence. Your membership gives access to a wide range of support to help you avoid claims and reinforce your knowledge. These include risk management workshops, e-learning, publications, factsheets, advice booklets and case studies.

Remember, there’s no time limit on a claim and you can ask us for help you with any incident that occurred whilst you were a member - even if the matter comes to light years later.