Our diversity, equality, and inclusion vision

We operate in a culturally and ethnically diverse market and want our people to reflect the diversity of the healthcare profession we serve.

Fundamental to creating an inclusive workplace is building awareness and understanding of diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) matters.

Everyone at MPS is treated with respect, is valued, fostered, supported, represented, and included, allowing them to reach their full potential and be their authentic and best self at work.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Forum

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Forum helps us to be better at listening, learning, and engaging with colleagues from all diverse backgrounds.

The Forum brings together colleagues from around the world to have open and respectful discussions relating to diversity & Inclusion matters, strengthening our culture of respect and equality for all. Members of the forum contribute their own ideas, experiences, and learnings as well as best practise, with the aim of continuously developing a diverse and inclusive workplace.

It has also been instrumental in:

  • Creating the Diversity and Inclusion strategy
  • Introducing the Halo Black Hair Code to the organisation
  • Enabling colleagues to trade Bank Holidays for alternative days that are more meaningful to them and their beliefs.
  • Enabling Muslim colleagues to work from home during Ramadan.
  • Welcoming external guest speakers to discuss matters of diversity and inclusion
  • Participating in community events such as Leeds Pride
  • Building awareness of and support for invisible disabilities
  • Becoming a Menopause Friendly Workplace.

Where colleagues support you and your career

Colleagues are key to driving forward our DEI approach and providing peer support, which they do through each of our colleague-led networks:

  • Asian Network
  • Black Network
  • LGBTQIA+ network – Proud@MPS
  • Menopause Network
  • Neurodiversity Network
  • Parent Network
  • Women’s network – WIN

Our DEI strategic goal

We are a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to fairness and equality for colleagues, members and suppliers around the world.

Our Diversity and Inclusion strategy – which is underpinned by the MPS Group Inclusion, Equality and Diversity Policy – articulates our strategic intention, goals, and actions, to ensure that our operational processes, ways of working, people policies and leadership routines, all reinforce a culture of inclusion, equality, and respect that delivers real and sustainable change.

Things we do around education & development at MPS for DEI

Menopause at Work Awareness for People Managers & Colleagues:

  • A mandatory workshop for all leaders.
  • An optional workshop for all colleagues.
  • Average recommendation score of 9 out of 10. 
  • This workshop is delivered on a quarterly basis every year.

Diversity Includes Everyone…and that includes you.

  • These sessions define what we mean by diversity.
  • It looks at why we must focus on inclusion and the culture of belonging.
  • Explains at why you should be aware of key terminology to create an inclusive culture.
  • We discuss why a culture of inclusion is important to the growth of our organisation.

Colleague & Manager Sessions:

  • A mandatory workshop for all leaders.
  • An optional workshop for all colleagues.
  • Average recommendation score of 8.7 out of 10. 


If you would like to find out why and how MPS delivered the Diversity Includes everyone training, please have a listen to the Inclusive Growth Show Podcast (Interview with Andrew Myres – L&D consultant at MPS & Toby Mildon – D&I Architect) here.

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