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Handling the Media


Media scrutiny of you and your practice of medicine could put your personal and professional reputation at risk. The MPS Press Office is staffed by communications professionals experienced in dealing with the media.

Where a media query relates to issues that fall within the scope of benefits of membership, we can advise and assist you on how best to handle media attention.

Early advice from the MPS Press Office can help mitigate risks. We can help you respond to the media and deal with them on your behalf.

Your first contact is likely to be with a Medicolegal Adviser and they will advise whether the MPS Press Office should be involved.

Media advice from MPS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact details for media advice:

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Handling the Media


  • How can MPS help you deal with the media?
    • How the media may contact you
    • Protecting patients’ privacy
    • Reporters at legal proceedings
  • What can you say to the media?
    • Confidentiality
    • GP practices and private clinics – supporting your team
    • Social media and discussion sites
  • What can you do if it all goes wrong?
    • How can you seek redress?
    • Factually incorrect articles
    • Injunction