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Working as a Medicolegal Adviser

A career as an MLA is interesting and varied, with plenty of scope for exercising initiative. MLAs manage any situation where a member’s professional reputation is at risk, e.g. clinical negligence claims for damages, tribunals, or ethical or disciplinary matters.

The role requires stamina, confidence, an eye for detail, strong analytical and communication skills, and effective time-management. MPS deals with 11,000 claims for damages each year and MLAs play an active part in dealing with them, providing detailed instructions to solicitors and independent experts, and contributing to meetings with barristers and the rest of the defence team. MLAs are often present at the subsequent trial or hearing to support and advise the practitioner in question.

MLAs are drawn from a wide range of clinical backgrounds, reflecting the variety of MPS members. All are expected to complete a relevant postgraduate law qualification, such as an LLB or LLM and to obtain membership of the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine.

Learning about the wider aspects of MPS’s business and understanding the needs and interests of the wider profession internationally is part of the role. You will also be involved in promoting MPS externally and internally by lecturing, running workshops, serving on committees and in working groups, and writing articles for publications. As senior members of staff, MLAs are expected to show leadership and support team members.

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