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Student hub is a collection of resources, information and top tips designed to support your studies and protect your career.

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Services and key information for students


Free elective protection for student members

If you’re planning on doing an elective during your studies, you will need to ensure you have appropriate elective protection.

advice line

Student advice line

If you are worried about any current or potential issues affecting your studies, our team of experts are here to help.

meet the team

Meet the team

Our team are experts in their field and are approachable and available to help you.

Resources and guidance

As a Medical Protection member, you have access to a wide range of resources and guidance to help you through your time at medical school, and as you take your first steps into practice. Take a look at some of the most relevant articles, podcast episodes, webinars and more below.

Articles and features

Our articles and features offer you insight and guidance on key topics relevant to your medical career. Here’s a snapshot of some of the most relevant articles you might find helpful.

Member insights

We are proud to support our student members, and welcome their insights as they progress through medical school. Here they share some tips, challenges, and experiences to help guide others through their own studies.

Medicolegal resources

Once you’re qualified, Medical Protection can help protect you from situations that may result in a complaint or claim being made against you.

In addition to our advice, claims and support services, we provide a range of resources including case reports, fact sheets, webinars and courses to help you reduce your risk. Some of these topics may be discussed as part of your studies, so get ahead and take advantage of our expert resources below.

Case reports

Case reports introduce areas of risk associated with clinical situations using real life examples. They are quick to read and help you understand potential pitfalls before you experience them yourself. 


Our factsheets provide a concise overview of core medicolegal topics. They are a great resource for understanding the key factors to consider to help you practise safely.

Professional Development Courses

Our online learning hub puts doctor-led professional development at your fingertips. Discover flexible ways to learn with interactive online courses, webinars and workshops. Plus, with on-demand and live options, you’re bound to find something that’s diary friendly.

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