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The Medical Protection podcast discusses key and current medicolegal risks and issues affecting clinicians across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our team of Medicolegal Consultants will talk about a range of topics and provide helpful advice and guidance on changes to the medicolegal landscape and how to steer clear of any medicolegal risks. These podcasts will help you to keep yourself and your patients safe, providing them with the best medical care possible. Our first series focuses on explaining and demystifying the ways that health meets the law.

Reducing Risk is a new podcast series that focuses on helping medical practitioners navigate the often-complex world of risk management. Each episode features expert interviews and real-life cases, looking at various types of risk and how they can be mitigated. The Reducing Risk series provides actionable insights and strategies to help you take control of any challenges you may face, leaving you to focus on your career and practise in confidence.


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