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Update your details

If you are an MPS member it is vital that you keep your details up-to-date. That includes not just your address and other contact information, but other details such as your hours of working and the kind of work you do.

MPS is a mutual organisation, sharing the risks of practice with professional colleagues. To be fair to other members, you must tell us the details of your work - if you don't it could affect our ability to support you if you need our help.

You can tell us of a change in your circumstances in a number of ways - by phone, fax, letter or email. Please let us know of a change in your details by contacting one of the following:

Members / prospective members should contact:

Jo O'Connor (she/her)

Medical Assurance Society
PO Box 13-015
19-21 Broderick Road
New Zealand.

Clinical psychologists should contact:

Caroline Greig

PO Box 24088,
Wellington 6142
New Zealand.