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Medical indemnity safeguards doctors and healthcare professionals against the repercussions of malpractice claims, allowing them to focus on delivering optimal patient care knowing their career, reputation, and finances are in safe hands.

Join Medical Protection now, for membership that gives you access to invaluable medicolegal advice and support allowing you to navigate complex legal and ethical challenges, helping you to make informed decisions. With a team of experts by your side, memberships means you can practise with confidence, knowing that whatever challenges you may face, we’re by your side and ready in your corner.

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Secondary care:

Consultant membership can be tailored to any private practice work you undertake, with access to indemnity or professional protection that goes beyond state indemnity for NHS-only consultants. SAS grade doctors, specialty trainees, and secondary care locums can choose membership to support any role and career stage.

If any of the statements below apply to you please call us on 0800 561 9000.

• You are applying for membership for work undertaken in more than one country
• You are applying for membership for both medical and dental work
• You are applying for membership for both a general practitioner and a hospital doctor role
• You require membership of an existing group arrangement and undertake work outside of the group, for which you require individual membership 


• You are a consultant with no registered specialties
• You are an obstetrician, gynaecologist or maxillofacial surgeon
• You are a clinical scientist

Please note, if you have outstanding regulatory, licensing, registration body, criminal or disciplinary investigations your application will not be accepted.

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If you are a GPST/ST applying for membership as part of a HEE block indemnity arrangement please use our fast-track application form here.

Private practice consultants

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NHS consultants
 (with no private practice)

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SAS and locally employed doctors

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Hospital doctors

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Specialty trainees


Allied health professionals
 (in secondary care)


Primary care:

Membership offers protection for the entire practice team, including GP locums, that goes beyond GP indemnity. This includes advice and legal representation, medicolegal advice, and options for any private work you may do.

• If you are a GP with all of your work in England, Wales or the Isle of Man, please click on the button below.

• If any of your GP practise occurs in Scotland, Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands, please click here.

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England or Wales


Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man or Channel Islands

General Practitioners

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Allied health professionals
 (in primary care)

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In training:

From the moment you step foot in medical school, membership provides you with the support you need to develop and practise safely. This includes help with your elective indemnity needs, support with complaints, or representation at hearings.

Foundation doctors
(FY1 and FY2)

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Group membership

Discover group savings and convenient membership administration for your group with your own relationship manager.

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Group and corporate membership

Medical Protection can provide uniquely tailored indemnity and support that we can provide for your organisation and employees.

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