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We provide two types of protection that sit alongside the state-backed indemnity scheme. These are Professional Protection and Claims Protection. The state-backed indemnity scheme doesn’t protect you in all circumstances for example support and representation at coroner’s inquests, for regulatory issues and for clinical negligence claims arising from fee paying and private work.

Professional Protection provides you with the right to request representation, support and advice from our expert medicolegal team in the event of a clinical negligence claim or regulatory proceedings.

Claims Protection needs to be added on to your membership if you carry out any fee paying or private work. Read more about Claims Protection.

Professional Protection benefits

Defence to protect your professional reputation

  • The right to request advice and legal representation:
    • With criminal investigations relating to professional practice
    • At coroner's inquests
    • In response to patient complaints and disciplinary matters
  • Assistance in responding to and resolving complaints
  • A dedicated expert legal team for your case
  • Help with unwanted media attention
  • Protection for Good Samaritan acts worldwide

Advice whenever you need it

  • Access to advice, information and support through:
    • Free medicolegal advice line
    • Emergency advice available 24/7
    • Online case reports
    • Medicolegal factsheets on common concerns
    • Relevant and topical updates delivered to your inbox.

Support for your professional development

  • Free communication skills and risk management workshops
  • Free online learning modules
  • Access to accredited CPD to develop your skills and help manage your risk.


Calculating your subscription

Subscription rates are calculated based on your specific needs. This means we will provide you with an individual tailored quote based on the amount and nature of work you do.

A Professional Protection membership subscription is based on your role (nurse, nurse partner, physiotherapist) and the number of hours you work.

* Useful definitions

As a reference to help during your application.

Out of hours work

Out of hours work or unscheduled care is defined as work undertaken where any of the following apply:

  1. work is undertaken outside of scheduled practice opening hours (from 08.00 – 20.00, seven days a week)
  2. patients are seen without access to their full general practice records
  3. sessions are undertaken at any time of day in walk-in/urgent care centres.


When checking your membership details and declaring your work, you will need to review the amount of sessions that you undertake. Please be aware that your membership no longer allows up to two sessions per week to be unscheduled care work, therefore you will need to declare all unscheduled work so that this is reflected in your subscription.

A session will normally be defined as a half-day. Where this is inappropriate, a session can be considered to be a continuous period of work between 3.5 and 5 hours. 

Minor surgery

Minor surgery is defined as any invasive procedure undertaken in general practice rather than a day case or inpatient hospital setting. Examples include (but are not limited to) joint injection, cautery, cryotherapy, religious circumcisions, excision of ‘lumps and bumps’ and the insertion of contraceptive implants or intrauterine devices. Minor surgery does not include phlebotomy or vaccination administration.

Apply online today

To complete your application please allow 20 minutes and have the following information to hand:

- Your qualification details
- Your GMC number or equivalent registration body number
- An estimate of your total income from fee-paying and private work (should you wish to add Claims Protection). 

Please remember you will need to have Professional Protection membership in order to add Claims Protection.

Working in the UK outside of England or Wales

If you work in more than one country e.g England and Scotland please complete and return the application and payment information forms below by email to or post to:

Member Services, Medical Protection, Victoria House, 2 Victoria Place, Leeds LS11 5AE. 

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