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Practice Xtra

Save money, get great benefits and protect the whole team


A Medical Protection group scheme means our world-class advice, support and protection can benefit your entire practice team, giving you added peace of mind.

You can set up a group when just half or more of the GP partners in your practice are already with, or plan to join, Medical Protection.

It's easy to arrange and can reduce the cost of membership for GPs and nurses as well as providing many valuable benefits to help your practice provide outstanding, low-risk care.

Crucially, when your team share an indemnity provider, claims and complaints involving more than one healthcare professional tend to be easier to handle and resolve - so there's less stress and disruption for everyone.

Join Practice Xtra today to get even more protection, value and support from Medical Protection.


 Discounts on GP subscriptions

When 80% or more of GPs in your practice are Medical Protection members - giving them access to world-class defence, advice and support at preferential rates.

 Protection for your team

Free membership for nurses and practice managers (indemnity only*) and access to membership for other healthcare professionals including pharmacists, paramedics and physiotherapists.

 Training and risk management

Market-leading workshops, online learning and risk management support worth up to £2,000 - meaning better protection for your practice.

 Comprehensive business support advice

Provided by industry experts, Croner and worth up to £1,000 – to help you with employment law, health and safety and practice management activities.

You can choose from two levels of membership depending on how many GPs in your practice are Medical Protection members.

Explore Practice Xtra benefits

For more information about Practice Xtra use the links opposite to download a brochure or use the contact form on this website to request a quote or information pack.
Application forms

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For more information

Contact a practice representative in your area.



To set up a group arrangement, a group scheme administrator (usually the practice manager) will need to complete and return a Practice Xtra application form.

GPs who are new to Medical Protection will need to complete a GP application form and, if required, a Direct Debit instruction form. Nurses and practice managers who are new to Medical Protection will need to complete an associate application form.


We know that GPs may have to wait until the end of their current subscription period before they can make new professional protection arrangements. But if your practice expects to qualify for Practice Xtra when they move to Medical Protection, we may be able to set up your group now and give you access to benefits straight away based on this commitment.

For more information about this please contact the Medical Protection representative for your area.

*Membership for nurses

Please note free membership for nurses as a benefit of Practice Xtra is provided on an indemnity-only basis. Limits to the number of free memberships you’re entitled to may apply depending on the number of GPs in your practice and level of duties each nurse undertakes.

You don’t need individual membership for other healthcare professionals employed by your practice as they typically benefit through the indemnity arrangements of their employers e.g. GP partners. For more information please download or request a Practice Xtra brochure or see our pages on nurse indemnity and extended liability.