Membership information 0800 561 9000
Medicolegal advice 0800 561 9090


When your membership is due to be renewed we will send documents to each individual Medical Protection member to check and a notification to the Practice Xtra administrator. Please ensure everyone checks these who needs to, and lets us know about any changes to working arrangements that could affect their membership as soon as possible.


As part of the personal service we provide to practice groups, your Practice Xtra account manager will be happy to carry out a quick review with you over the phone or in person. This will make it easier for you to check and renew your arrangement. We’ll check

  • that each member is on the correct grade and not paying too much
  • that you know about any recent changes that could affect membership in your practice
  • that you’re making the most of the benefits you’re entitled to through Practice Xtra
  • whether we can upgrade your membership to give you access to further benefits.
You can request an annual review using the get in touch form on this website.