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Medical Protection has a wealth of experience and expertise in helping doctors and other healthcare professionals with ethical and legal problems that arise from their practice. 


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Reduce your risk with our free communication and skills workshops.


Medical Protection's E-learning platform, Prism, allows you to complete free online learning modules around the clock to help you keep your knowledge up to date.

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Earn CPD

Intensive and bespoke training for individuals who have suffered from higher levels of patient dissatisfaction and complaints than their peers.


Each interactive one-day session is tailored to the needs of a specific specialty. The programme aims to enhance delegates’ skills in achieving more effective consultations.

Earn CPD

Education for me


Log on to our E-learning platform, Prism, to access your personal profile and select a course to suit your needs or browse our library of learning resources.

Our Managing Risk modules are developed using video and interactive case studies to highlight challenging situations and dilemmas that medical practitioners might face within their daily practice.

The modules go on to present useful skills and techniques which help you address these difficult situations.

All completed courses will be saved in your personal profile with certificates to print for your CPD.


MPS offers a range of free educational workshops to help you improve your own knowledge of the main risk factors in practice. We will guide you through techniques you can use to reduce your risk of making mistakes when dealing with patients and colleagues.

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