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Your elective protection starts here

Planning your elective is an exciting time.

Whether you decide to travel abroad or stay in the UK, this will be your first major opportunity to use the skills and knowledge you’ve learned over the last few years and experience life in a new environment.

Most countries will require you to have elective protection, including institutions in the UK. But as a member of Medical Protection, we can provide you with support for your elective completely free.

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Expert support for your travels

Being a Medical Protection member gives you more than just the right to request indemnity. You’ll also be able to take advantage of a range of other benefits, including access to our medicolegal advice line, available 24/7 in an emergency to help you tackle any medicolegal or ethical dilemmas you might face.

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To qualify, you must also ensure the following:

  • Your elective must be authorised by the Dean of your university.
  • Your elective work must be supervised by a qualified medical practitioner and must not exceed the level of your own qualifications or competence.
  • You must be a student member of Medical Protection in one of the following countries:

    • UK
    • Ireland
    • South Africa
    • Hong Kong
    • Malaysia
    • New Zealand
    • Singapore
    • Caribbean & Bermuda


Protection all over the world

We’re the only medical defence organisation in the country with members all over the world. With the largest team of medicolegal experts in the world, we can help you apply for funding and give you advice to keep you safe throughout your career. 

Whenever you need support during your elective, we can be there for you.


Mao of elective locations

Medical electives in Australia

Planning to travel to Australia for your elective? 

Australian legislation stipulates that all health care practitioners, including students, must be covered by an insurance contract while practising in Australia. 

We have partnered with MIPS (Medical Indemnity Protection Society) in order to provide you with a suitable insurance arrangement while you are in Australia on your elective.
Simply apply for free student membership with MIPS by visiting
Please remember to include your Medical Protection membership number when you complete the MIPS application form.



Am I eligible for elective protection?

If you’re a Medical Protection member then, yes, you are already eligible for the best possible professional protection during your elective.

How much does elective protection cost?

Our elective protection is completely free.

Does the elective protection include travel insurance?

We can offer 24/7 advice and support, but if you are able to travel, you’ll need to arrange appropriate travel insurance separately that provides you with personal injury cover whilst living and working abroad.

When do I need to advise you that I’m doing an elective?

Whatever the location of your elective, get in touch as soon as your host has confirmed your placement.

What information do I need to give you to set up my elective protection?

All we need is:

  • the dates of your elective
  • the country or location you'll be going to.

What do I need to show my elective host as proof of elective protection?

We will provide you with an elective certificate of indemnity.


Will you provide my classmates with elective protection?

Yes, as long as they are Medical Protection members and meet our elective criteria. Each classmate will need to apply individually for their elective protection.

I’m not currently a member. Can I still apply for elective protection?

You will need to join Medical Protection to apply for our elective protection. Just click the button below and fill out the application form.

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