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Professional development and managing your risk as an IMG

Post date: 02/03/2023 | Time to read article: 2 mins

The information within this article was correct at the time of publishing. Last updated 02/03/2023

Medical Protection can help you combat the challenges you face as a healthcare professional working in the UK and throughout your career. By Rob Hendry, Medical Director at Medical Protection. 


As a medical professional you never stop learning, and as a Medical Protection member we continually support you in growing to become the best doctor you can be.

We offer the wide range of professional development courses, learning resources and risk management support of any medical defence organisation (MDO), so there’s no one better to help you move forward with your career.

We provide lifelong training and specialist expertise

It’s important to us that you can practise in the UK with confidence and avoid medicolegal problems where possible. That’s why we produce a wide range of resources to help doctors working at every level and speciality to continue their professional development.

Here are some of the ways we do this:

Online courses - Led by our medicolegal specialists and leading experts, we offer a huge range of courses to suit your needs, from bitesize learning to more in-depth options. Every course is flexible to fit around you and your busy schedule.

Podcasts - Keep up to date on the latest topics with our pre-recorded podcasts which you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

Webinars - Join us for our topical live broadcast events with interactive Q&As, or catch up with on-demand content in your own time.

Virtual workshops - From short lectures and reflective exercises to small group facilitated discussions, our expert-led online workshops let you earn two hours of accredited CPD..

Masterclasses - Earn six hours of accredited CPD in intensive full-day workshops covering specialised disciplines. Formats include short lectures and small group discussions.

You can access all of these resources through our dedicated online learning hub – which is included in your membership.


Helping you manage the risks that comes with modern practice

We believe that prevention is better than cure, and with over 130 years’ experience, we know that the most effective way to protect our members is to help them avoid issues from arising in the first place.

As the risks you face increase, we’ve expanded our risk management training and made it more flexible and you can benefit from a wide range of courses, online learning modules and webinars to help you practise safely and avoid medicolegal problems.

These courses are included in your membership at no extra cost and can make a real difference. From experience, we know that:

  • Complaints often arise due to communication problems
  • Common medical mistakes can be avoided
  • Good record keeping helps us build a strong defence.

We actively encourage members to learn about these and other ways to protect themselves. This also provides valuable CPD evidence for appraisals and revalidation.

Helping you settle in as an IMG

Strong communication skills are essential for all doctors, whatever their background and experience. They lead to positive patient interactions, which in turn can increase patient satisfaction and doctor confidence.

Our IMG members have told us that consulting in another language, or where cultural differences exist, can make communicating with patients and colleagues particularly challenging. That’s why, when you join Medical Protection, you can book a place on an IMG IMG communications skills course skills course, which is included in your membership and is especially designed to help IMGs settle in and practise confidently in the UK.

Join the live, interactive, four-hour virtual workshop to develop tools and techniques for clear, effective communication in a wide range of scenarios here


About the author

Rob Hendry is Medical Director at Medical Protection, working with members around the world. He has a particular interest in supporting doctors who move between different countries and has championed Medical Protection’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

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